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"I sniff the filthy cold concrete,
I wish for grass beneath my feet.
Those I loved I somehow failed;
They bought me here - where I am jailed"

Classic Title

As a group, we are here to support German Wirehaired Pointer owners and to re-home GWPs to a forever home for a happy healthy future.

To view all the GWPs who are needing homes from all rescue groups  visit  GWP need UK home Gallery


To get to know the breed join our main facebook group:

GWP UK German Wirehaired Pointers 

Our other FaceBook groups;-
All health issues for our breed, feeding, worming fleas ticks.
Started for injured dogs on restricted exercise, now extended to games for training and gun dog training.
This group is to raise awareness of dogs with sheep
Is where members can recommend equipment to each other
Is to arrange WIRE MEETS get to know others near you
Is for litters. It is closely monitored to ensure good breeding standards for our breed.
This is a new group for Epilepsy

Mainly for rescue dogs who require ongoing treatment and support.

For advancing training, working and problems, offering 1-2-1 and courses.


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