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Few rules on photo entries to follow please:

Good quality photos only, emailed to FB destroys quality so we cannot accept any not emailed across.

You can send as many as you want on one email, but only one photo per dog will make it into the calendar. If you have a preference of photo to be included, only send one.

GWP only please (crosses okay but no other breeds)

If you have multiple GWPs, it’s fine to send either photos of them individually or as a group to be included but please label photos with their names if they look similar.

Please make our lives easier and co-ordinate sending of photos with any other family members in this group, we get a lot of photo submissions and it’s hard for us to look for matches and unfair for the same dog to go in twice and take someone else’s place.

Sorry for all the rules but it’s a mammoth task to organise and we want to ensure we feature as many different gorgeous GWPs as possible.

The first 72 photos will be going into edition 1 of the 2024 calendar

You can also pre-order your 2024 calendar now, they will be £12 each or 2 for £20. Price includes postage within the UK.

Expected to ship in October.

To pre-order:

PayPal:, please include your name and address in the note as we can’t see your details otherwise.

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