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16 July 2021 Deb and Jon Linscott

Welcome gorgeous Zivvy (Theo) all the way from Serbia and thank you Jaime Hepburn for letting us take him on. As much as we miss our gorgeous Ralphie I felt uncomfortable knowing that one of his cousins was in a pound when we were able to offer him a wonderful, forever home. We promise whatever hideous cards life has dealt you so far are now a thing of the past and your new life as a Linscott pet will be the best any young chap could ever wish for You are simply perfect

Andrew Zorn: Tim says a big thank-you to you all for your hard work and finding him a comfortable sofa and a team of dedicated servants to tend to his needs…

He loves you all 

Petra Tester ;- Luger says thank you

Catherine Edgerton;- Pitta would like to say a big thank you as it’s really fun swimming in the creek and snoozing on the sofa x

Victoria Rogers ; - Rufus also says Thank you 

Jill Phillips The drive and passion that you all have to save these fantastic dogs is humbling.

Christine Price;- KH definitely says thank you  aka Chocco , you ladies make such a massive effort to find homes for these doggies and support the owners . Thank you very very much . Xxx 

Maggie and jack

Say thank you too

Maureen Coxon;- Tara says thank you so much for saving my life and finding my forever home. Mum says I always have a smile on my face. Xxx

Joanne Perry;- Skye says thank you too 

Jane Tippiing;- You do a fantastic job, many, many thanks. Couldn’t live without my gorgeous Pepe! 

Dick Donovan;- Troy says hi!

Helen Jonhnston;- Happy says thanks for making his last years the best ever! He came with so much love we still shed tears for him 2 years later. Thank you 

Carol Mason;-You do an amazing job! I know two dogs that are very thankful for all that you do. Xx without you both they would be still be living a terrible life. Instead they have a family they could only dream of. Thank you 

Alison Stewart;- 

you were there for us when we nearly gave up on our boy around 5 years ago…so glad for the advice…

He’s a pain in the arse but by god we love him x

Steph Croc;- It's a huge thank you from both me and Roupol. Her journey from Greece was not the easiest but neither of you ever gave up on her. Thank you SO much 

Yvonne Waugh;- Thankyou. You helped get our boy to a more suitable home for which we will be eternally grateful if not sore hearted

Jane Sutton;- Thank you for all you do to help these beautiful sometimes misunderstood, certainly challenging dogs. You are amazing Jxx

Julia Wherrell;- You do a fantastic job in what can be a highly charged atmosphere sometimes! Your energy and enthusiasm are incredible.

Jon and Debs Linscott;- Zivvy (THEO) sends love and big thanks to you Jaime.. you, Bev, Victoria make the lives of all us adopters infinity better when matching us to these brilliant and deserving dogs! 

Vivienne Morgan;-Maisie says thanks as well

Iona Mac Phail;- We didn't rescue Dougal through the gwp rehome site but regardless Beverley Hilton has given me so Much support advice and encouragement to keep Going through the tuffer times. Iv had great advice from Jaime with both our dogs especially when I was a rouke owner the support you give is amazing thankyou 

popcorn 2023.jpg

Looking at all the rescues getting homes warms my heart and seeing all those still waiting for ones breaks it again and I wish we could have more. Here’s our Popcorn, post spa as she should always be spoilt (and she’s a proper tomboy and always smells from whatever she’s digging in) the most loving little thing. She completely got Otto from day one and they are the best of friends. she so tolerant. Must be the time in a shelter with all the other dogs. Popcorn was the best decision we made

Sarah Scofield Jan 2023


For anyone who may not have had the thought yet about rescuing one of these amazing dogs, or for anyone who needs a nudge to do so, or for any of you who just love these incredible dogs as much as we do, here’s Zivvy (aka THEO).. he joined our family from Serbia. Our eternal thanks to those who brought him to us and to those who cared for him and took him off the streets after he was abandoned - we are truly grateful — with Beverley Hilton and

2 others

Jon Liscott  Jan 2023

Theo Zivvy Jan 2023.jpg

Rhianna Moore Jan 2023

I would like to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to Jaime Hepburn. My husband and I rescued our first GWP in November 2021, when Rowan was 6 months old. He arrived with no training whatsoever and nothing could have prepared me for the journey we were about to go on!

I have spent this past year getting Rowan to a much better place however we were still struggling with a few things such as recall etc, it felt like going one step forwards and two steps back!

In October 2022 I reached out to Jaime asking for some advise, she went above and beyond giving me so many tips. Since that phone conversation Rowan and I have been training everyday using the information Jaime gave me, I started working with a long line (which I have never done before), we started having ‘picnics’, hand feeding and lots more.

We have come so far, I have had many positive results, friend and family members can’t believe the difference in him. His recall and engagement on walks is truly amazing, but above all else my bond with him has grown.

I cannot thank you enough for all the advise you have given me, to have these results in such a short amount of time is more than I could of asked for!

I’m so excited to continue his training and see what 2023 has in store for us!

Rowan Jan 2023.jpg
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