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Who we are

The GWP was imported into the UK in 1972 and a Rescue was started in 1976 to make sure this breed got into the right kind of home, so there is a long history of our breed looking out for their own in the UK. Since quarantine regulations were lifted in Feb 2000 it has been possible to help foreign rescue dogs to find UK homes. 

We are all members of FB group, who all love and own GWPs andwho volunteer our time and  experience. To work in Rescue requires a love of dogs, good communication, commitment,  persistence, patience, computer skills, thinking outside the box and a sense of humour !!!

As specialist of the German Wirehaired Pointer / Dratthur breed we understand the importance of finding a suitable home for our breed who are great family pets, loyal and friendly but who are also hunting dogs who must be controlled outdoors. 


Jaime Hepburn - "Always online - lots of GWP experience"

My first rescue dog came to me in 1971. It started a fascination of understanding animals. I was the only animal lover in my family so had to seek advice from lots of different people, however being dyslexic I found that animals were my teachers.
I got my first GWP in 1978 and have never been without one since. 


Beverley Hilton- "Accounts & Money Superstar"

My family always had sight hounds until I got my first GWP in 2013. I have two liver boys who are loved dearly and are a daily challenge and I would never change breeds now. I love the way that people come together over their GWPs.

Sharon Pinkerton - "Quite simply - The Expert"

What Sharon doesn't know is not worth knowing, Rescuer, top breeder for over 27 years, attended shows, works dogs in field, trainer, judge and author. 

Steph Croc- " Been through the complete process with a challenging rescue"

After adopting a rescue through challenging circumstances, illness, logistics and transport difficulties she turned her street rat into a valuable and useful family member. 

Christine Hilton- " Physically gets out there to search"

Specialises in finding Lost Dogs in the UK, owns GWPs and GSPs and helps across a wide range of rescue activities.

Susie Zarpanely- " Quiet online advice and support with training and health"

Helps with the administration for our groups, specialises in training tips and behavioural issues.

Victoria Tolson - " PC savvy admin"

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